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FREE Toastmasters Resources

Toastmasters is a non-profit organisation. Our purpose as an organisation is to provide a supportive framework in which our members can seek to improve their Communication and Leadership abilities.

To achieve this, educational materials are developed by Toastmasters International and distributed to clubs worldwide for members’ use. Each meeting, our members work on projects to improve their Communication and Leadership skills.

We would like to offer you these FREE resources, so that you can evaluate and improve your own skills (in the comfort and security of your own home).

They will also let you have a glimpse at how Toastmasters International structures its educational manuals.

If you ultimately decide to join Toastmasters as a member (and no-one will pressure you to do this), you will have FREE access to over 50+ educational manuals. You will also have a very supportive club environment in which to practice and develop your skills; at your own pace.



Your Speaking Voice   (1.82 MB)

Gestures: Your Body Speaks   (0.96 MB)

Effective Evaluation   (0.61 MB)


If you’d like to ‘preview’ the first speaking project that new members will complete, you can read through the first project of the Competent Communication education manual here:

The Ice Breaker   (0.13 MB)

If you’d like to read these FREE resources in either Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Japanese or Spanish, please CLICK HERE for a link to Toastmasters International.



We here at Forestville Toastmasters hope that you find these FREE educational materials useful. Please remember, you can always visit us as a Guest to see what sort of Club we are and how we operate our meetings. We are a Club of real people and we are very friendly!

No matter how long you’ve been doing Toastmasters (for some of our members, over 25 years!); most will agree that this first challenge is the most daunting!!



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