Fear Of Public Speaking

Fear Of Public Speaking or ‘Glossophobia’

Many people have a fear of public speaking and talking in front of an audience.  Most people rank the fear of speaking greater than the fear of death! They go on with life suffering public speaking anxiety avoiding any public speaking thinking that it will just go away.

It has been estimated that around 75% of the population has at least some degree of anxiety when it comes to speaking in front of a crowd. Not doing anything to improve this anxiety can affect your quality of life, unfulfilled work goals and other areas.


The fact is that the fear of speaking in public is almost impossible to avoid. At some stage, you will have to make a speech at a wedding or funeral or birthday party. At other times you may have to be confident at a job interview or sales presentation or even meeting new people.


We understand your fears, and it doesn’t have to be that way.


We have all had these fears at some stage. Many surveys have shown that just about every speaker suffers from at least some nerves when giving a speech.


In your business life, it is critical to get your point across. Whether it be a job interview, sales presentation to an audience or client or other formal presentation.


In summary, speaking fears can hurt your professional and personal life.


Forestville Toastmasters provides a casual, non-threatening environment where you can learn and practice your speaking skills.

Forestville Toastmasters is a dedicated and friendly group of people who share your common desire to continue to improve.


We all want to be better speakers. For some reason, fear tends to come our way.


Forestville Toastmasters provide a calm environment where you can practice your speaking in front of a group of people who want you to succeed, gain confidence and overcome your fear of public speaking. Our members have felt that they have gained confidence by learning their material within this supportive group.


All speeches are evaluated, and suggestions are presented to you to help you improve.


Most of our members have managed to achieve outstanding personal and business goals such as new jobs, job promotions, confidence in social environments to name a few. Some are well on their way to successful professional speaking careers!


Why not come to experience this yourself. You are welcome to come and visit one of our meetings and meet people who have found personal and professional success through Forestville Toastmasters International.


Forestville Toastmasters has meetings every 1st & 3rd Thursday every month (and 5th Thursday if there is one) We also have regular speechcraft courses. These short and intense courses have been very popular over the last few years. They usually fill up quickly, and early bookings are recommended. They cover most of the essential aspects of making you a more confident speaker such as;


The best techniques to overcome your fears.

Ways to help you positively harness your energy.

Effective speech preparation.

Eliminating your fear of rejection.

How to make your speech interesting to the audience.

Effective body language.

Organising your speech thoughts.


We meet at modern &  comfortable Northern Beaches location at Forestville RSL club in Melwood Avenue Forestville.


We look forward to meeting and making you a more confident speaker.


For further information or apply for enrollment  in our popular speechcraft course (numbers limited and positions can fill fast)

Contact Merinda Air on 0407 258 509 or email Merinda

For further information on our next meeting or membership

Contact  Merinda on 0407 258 509 or email Merinda

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